Tuesday, January 17, 2012

RRBO is 20 years old!

The Rouge River Bird Observatory banded its first bird -- a Black-capped Chickadee -- in 1992. Since then, we've banded over 33,000 more birds, conducted thousands of bird surveys, compiled hundreds of thousands of bird records, participated in numerous cooperative research projects, trained dozens of field volunteers...our list of accomplishments goes on.

For our 20th anniversary, we'll be starting an email newsletter to share a look back at some highlights of the past twenty years, and look forward to our future. If we don't have your email address, please sign up for our newsletter at this link. I'll be putting out our first issue later this month.

We thought it might be fun to spruce up the RRBO logo to reflect our anniversary. The original depiction of the bird with two leaves is from an architectural detail in Fair Lane, Henry Ford's estate; we chose it to reflect the historic nature of our study site. You may see this little bird carrying a banner acknowledging RRBO's 20 years of bird conservation. It will certainly be sitting on a branch that now has three leaves, representing our growth and the start of our third decade.

Given that RRBO is donor-supported, all our successes have been yours as well. We can all celebrate together!


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday RRBO! Here's to at least another 80 years of bird banding and research! :)

Cathy Carroll said...

Congratulations to RRBO and all of the great work you do. I need a new window sticker for my new car!