Thursday, July 23, 2009

More European Goldfinches

Important note: Although RRBO has ceased operations, I am still collecting data. Please see this page for latest updates. 

On the heels of my recent posting on a report of a family of European Goldfinches in Waukegan, Illinois comes another report with photo documentation of a juvenile "EUGO". This one is from a the Racine, Wisconsin suburb of Mt. Pleasant, about 25 miles north of Waukegan.

An adult was first seen at the observer's feeder in June, although neighbors had seen multiple EUGOs at their feeder (and I have many reports from the Racine area). On 9 and 22 July, a young bird showed up, at times with an adult, and these were among the photos obtained:

Juvenile European Goldfinch, Mt. Pleasant, WI.

Left, adult European Goldfinch. On the right, the juvenile European Goldfinch on the left side of the sock, and an American Goldfinch on the right side.

Here is a map of the southern end of Lake Michigan; the counties reporting the most European Goldfinches are outlined in red. McHenry County in northern Illinois is the suspected point of release of many of the birds.

Keep those reports coming.

Photos copyright J. Scheef. Used with permission.