Friday, April 3, 2009

Thrush paper published

My paper on the fall stopover ecology of thrushes has finally been published. In addition to all the time it takes to collect data, analyze it, and write a good paper, actually getting it out for all to see is one LONG process! I submitted the paper in April 2008. It went out for peer review, came back to me so that I could respond to questions and comments from the reviewers, and went back to the editors, who approved it in August 2008. Then came the process of checking page proofs for errors and scheduling publication. So at long last, it is in the current issue of the Wilson Journal of Ornithology.

Craves, J. A. 2009. A fifteen-year study of fall stopover patterns of Catharus thrushes at an inland, urban site. Wilson Journal of Ornithology 121:112-118.

You can see the publicly-available abstract and tables at BioOne. I wrote a brief summary of the work last fall here at Net Results.


Hawkeye said...

Congrats on a super accomplishment!

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FrontenacBirds said...

Congrats Julie! Can't wait to get my hands on this paper.

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