Monday, November 14, 2011

Fall 2011 banding wrap-up

Our official fall banding season ended on 8 November. I had really hoped to squeeze in a few more days, but the wind or rain prevented me from doing so. I have posted a full summary with photos and stats on the RRBO web site.

Because we had a number of nets that were damaged by deer, instead of trashing them I moved them all into one area and decided to leave them up a little longer. As we have some warm days in November and December, I hope to catch a few more robins (and maybe even a wintering Hermit Thrush) to see what fruit they continue to eat as winter sets in.

As we identify and compile our seed samples from this fall and add them to our database, expect to see a blog post or two on what we have found our birds to be eating. Plus, a couple of exciting projects are being to come together, and of course our winter bird survey is also fast approaching. Stay tuned.

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