Friday, September 3, 2010

Web site announcement

First off, I am holding off on posting a banding summary for this week. The theme would have been "crickets." As in, that's about all that was out there this week. The return to summer temperatures with associated southerly winds and no cold fronts didn't move many migrants through. The oppressive heat makes for unsafe banding conditions when the sun hits the majority of my nets, so I wasn't open much during the week, and today it is raining. I'll do a two-week review at the end of next week, as this break in the weather should create much better conditions.

Last week, I posted a reminder that we are moving the RRBO web site. It should all be complete next week. In the meantime, you can still use this URL to access the current/old site:

To be on the safe side, use my long University address (jcraves AT umd DOT umich DOT edu) or gmail address (jac DOT rrbo AT gmail DOT com) to contact me. My jac AT rrbo DOT org may not work for a few days.

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