Wednesday, November 25, 2009

RRBO logo items and other gifts

Here is the RRBO holiday gift guide!

RRBO-related gifts:
Other jazz:
  • Shade-grown coffee. I can't state it any plainer than this: if you are buying inexpensive, grocery-store coffee you are contributing to the destruction of bird habitat and the decline of migratory songbirds. I am passionate about this issue, and maintain an entire web site about it called Coffee & Conservation. I recommend many sources of eco-friendly coffee there, but a quick and easy choice is Birds & Beans -- which sells only triple-certified coffee (Bird-Friendly and organic, and either Fair Trade or Rainforest Alliance). Make it your New Year's resolution to learn more about this important issue and stop buying cheap coffee.
  • People often ask me how to keep House Sparrows off their feeders. I recommend an inexpensive upside-down feeder like this one. Before you install the perches, snip about a half-inch off of each one. Goldfinches are able to hang on, House Sparrows or larger birds can't.
  • I have to admit, I love my Kindle Wireless Reader. One small device capable of holding thousands of books, magazines, and documents. No more buying a book to read once, then trying to find it a new home. Also a great conversation starter in public!

Should you wish to contribute less to consumer spending and instead to bird research, your gift to RRBO supports our work and spreads good cheer to the birds throughout the year.

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Anonymous said...

You must be the Julie Craves of Northbrook Elementary! We used to be quite good friends. I don't know exactly how your name popped into my other research, but it's nice to see you!

Interested in the whole coffee/bird stuff, you might want to check out the Coffee plantations of Kona, Hawaii.

I lived there for a time in the 80's and my ex-boyfriend's dad has some incredible acreage there devoted to the flora. Taking walks on the property, the peacocks were incredible. Seemingly not related to your research, but fascinating, just the same.

The estate is a whole "thing" for the family. Check out for more.

Otherwise, it PROBABLY wouldn't kill you to spend some time on the Big Island investigating the coffee/bird correlation. Or, if that's not within your interests, perhaps a Mai Tai on the beach is more fitting? It's a beautiful island either way.

You'll be glad to know that I have NEVER had a cup of coffee in all my 46 years. Didn't realize that my lack of affection for the brew was saving little birdies!

Best in your pursuits!