Friday, October 2, 2009

RRBO on the Internet

It's a rainy day (and my day off) so I get to catch up on housekeeping matters.
  • First, it has been nearly two weeks since I have been unable to update the RRBO web site, in particular the Latest Sightings page. My work computer crapped out, and as we were scheduled to get new ones soon, fixing it was not pursued. All my files are okay, I just don't have easy access to them. I should be back in business next week.
  • Our friend Joe Fago started a Friends of the Rouge River Bird Observatory group on Facebook. We've had the badge in the sidebar of the blog since we started, and we have just passed 200 members. If you're on Facebook, please join...the University loves to see community support!
  • RRBO now has a Twitter account. I'll tweet regular tidbits regarding banding, survey, research, and conservation activities. (Some of you are interested in my work on sustainably-grown coffee, and I have a separate Twitter account for that.) So, if you are on Twitter, please follow RRBO...did I mention the University loves to see community support?
And if you didn't see the Free Press article, RRBO was mentioned in a press release from the USFWS (also reprinted here) regarding the first successful Osprey nest in Wayne County in 100+ years. I've done extensive historical research on the breeding birds of Wayne County, and as far back as the first compilations of species in the late 1800s, there was no documentation of Osprey nesting in the county, or for that matter in southeast Michigan. At that time, they were considered uncommon or rare migrants in the area. It's taken several years for this pair of birds in Gibraltar to successfully raise young, but two were fledged from the nest this summer.


Anonymous said...

I went to sign up via the link. It wanted only new Facebookers. You need to add capability to "friend" for people who already have Facebook accounts.

I'll figure it out, but wanted to let you know.

"Dr. Bob"

Anonymous said...

OK I managed to add it to my "profile", what does that mean? A one-shot note? Does this help? I guess I need more directions.
"Dr. Bob"